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Administrative Assistant

Heather Suffron

Heather Suffron, John and Kay’s daughter, is excited to be joining the team at Manitowish Waters Community Presbyterian Church, and has learned the ropes from Lois Bauers, now retired!

 She graduated from Bowdoin College, earned a Master’s degree from Michigan State University, and has gained experience through varied adventures, including AmeriCorps, international volunteer projects, and running her own pet care business. Though she has lived in multiple “M” states (Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, and Missouri), she comes to us from Chicago, IL, where she ran the office for a Cambridge University program that certifies individuals to teach English to speakers of other languages. She has enjoyed attending church services at Community Presbyterian while visiting her parents during the past decade and will soon add another state to her roster when she calls Wisconsin home - which is, after all, an upside-down “M.” Or is it the other way around?

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Director of Christian Education
Adele Duranso

 I feel privileged and honored to be the Christian Education Director of the Manitowish Waters Community Church, and will strive to provide enthusiastic leadership and Christian values to the 4K- 8th grade students in our Youth Group program. By leading our staff to teach students about God’s life and love, we all hope to encourage our student’s faith, growth and involvement in the church with mission projects, fellowship and service opportunities. With today’s active and technological world, I am aware of the challenges and choices we are faced with to bring our youth to God’s House. Our curriculum will stress the importance of the true friend we all have in Our Savior who is with us not only in times of trouble, despair or heartache, but also in celebration and guidance. We will all rejoice with our church family when we witness our students displaying new and enriched spiritual growth in their daily lives. .

Choir Director

Cynthia Goosby

"Cynthia Goosby’s passion for music has taken her all over the world, including solo and festival performances around the U.S., Canada, Italy, and Ireland. In addition to her involvement in chamber and improvisatory ensembles, she also teaches and enjoys composing and arranging. Goosby holds a Masters degree in Clarinet Performance from Bowling Green State University and Bachelors degrees in Clarinet Performance and German from Ball State University. She recently moved back to the Northwoods with her husband and baby daughter Beatrice after spending the last five years in Austin, Texas. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and historical sewing."

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Handbell Choir Director
Joan Galloway

(Bio & photo coming soon)

Interim Pastor & Youth Group Teacher
Terry Muck

(Bio & photo coming soon)

Technology Facilitator & Youth Group Teacher
Karl Kleinschmidt

Karl has been passionately dismantling, modifying, and renewing mechanical, electronic, and high-tech devices for over twenty-five years. Born and raised in the Minocqua area, he has lived throughout the Midwest and near-western states of Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico. Karl's lifelong interest in philosophy, spirituality, and religion has motivated him to earn a B.S. in Philosophy & Religious Studies from UW-Madison, and his call to spiritual guidance and companionship has found him currently engaged in a Master's in Divinity Spiritual Direction ministry program at Loyola University of Chicago. When he is not engaged with his education or other work, he loves exploring nature with his loved ones and dog (Shiva), spending quality time and growing with his beloved children, or serving others however he may be called to. Karl is excited to share his different gifts with the MWCPC, as well as to be exploring foundational spiritual lessons with our Youth Group students.

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