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We are a community of Christians from many traditions "You shall love the Lord your god, and your neighbor as yourself."

We care deeply about each other by helping in times of need through prayer.   

If you have a prayer request, please call Lois at our church office (715-543-2998) or submit this form...

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World Day of Prayer  

World Day of Prayer 2020 is Friday, March 6th- Our church hosted the service for our local area, one of three in our state that day!


World Day of Prayer takes place internationally on the first Friday of March every year.  In 2020 that will be March 6th  Our congregation celebrates this  in symbolic solidarity with women around the world!


The host country for WDP 2020 is Zimbabwe.  The WDP 2020 program is based on Jesus’ encounter with a person who, although positioned for healing, had not acted upon the opportunities given (John 5:2-9 a). Jesus asked –“Do you want to be made well?” with the theme “Rise!  Take Your Mat and Walk”.  You are faced with this life-changing question. What are you going to do? k We will use this opportunity to reflect with our community and ecumenical partners. 


Prayer and action are what link us together around the globe.

World Day of Prayer -USA

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide, ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year, and who, in many countries, have a continuing relationship in prayer and service.

Watch our  World Day of Prayer service!
A Prayer for the Pandemic

May we who are inconvenienced remember whose lives are at stake.


May we who have no risk factors, remember those most vulnerable.


May we who are working from home, remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent.


May we who have the flexibility to care for our children when their schools close, remember those who have no options.


May we who have to cancel our trips, remember those who have no place to go.


May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic market, remember those who have no margin at all.


May we who settle in for quarantine at home, remember those who have no home.


During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around eachother, let us find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbors. Amen    Interfaith Hospitality Network-Cincinati, Ohio