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Our Ministries- Get Involved!


We invite our members and community to extend their participation at MWCPC beyond Sunday worship.  There are ways for each person to build relationships while helping the work of our church.   Many hands make light work.  This page gives you an overview of our many programs.  We invite you to check them out using the dropdown boxes in the ministry table.

Adult Education


Several groups meet regularly to help our members and community grow in their faith through group Bible study and prayer.   These groups are open and can be joined at any time.

Building and Grounds


Volunteers are needed to work together to keep our facility and grounds in good repair while managing our church expenses.

Food Pantries


Our church supports three local food pantries through monetary support, loose change offerings and donations.



Our annual flea market crossed with church bazaar equal Fleazaar.  This event has been held annually for over 30 years.  Donations and volunteers are gathered from the Northwoods community for this single day event.  The proceeds are primarily used to support local, state, national, and international mission work.  



The ministry of our church extends beyond the four walls of our building.   Our mission work includes a variety of programs and donations to support local, national, and global needs. 



Music is an important part of worship and the life of the church.   We offer both a Chancel Choir and a Bell Choir.  



Prayer support is available in worship and via a prayer chain.   Requests can be made on this website in the Prayer tab.

Women's Felllowship


The Westminster Guild is a group in which all women of our church are members.   This group meets regularly and supports many events and missions of our church.   All women are encouraged to be involved.



Stewardship is how we share and manage the blessings we have been given to support and grow our church.  

Have an Idea?


We welcome new ideas to grow the many ministries of our church.  Reach out to any Deacon or Session member to get your idea going.

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