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Sunday Service:  July 25, 2021 at 9:30, video below
Pastor Chips Paulson
"Small Saves" Ephesians 3:14-21 & John 6:1-15

Call to Action/Announcements

After a year apart, we are opening things up again!, See the current opportunities to be engaged in the life of our church!

Fleazaar 2021 
Date:  Wednesday, July 21, 2021 7am to 3pm

Volunteer Work Schedule:


Saturday- July 17: 7 a.m. Begin moving merchandise from barns to tents. Lunch break will be 2 shifts, lunch is provided.

Sunday-July 18: 10:45 or right after church service. Set up continues. Same lunch procedure.


Monday -July 19: 7 a.m. start. Set up continues. Same lunch procedure.


Tuesday -July 20: 7 a.m. start. Set up continues. Same lunch procedure. 2 p.m. Early shopping for volunteers with 10 hours logged.


Wednesday- July 21: IT’S HERE! Fleazaar prayer at 6:45. Everyone in position by 7 a.m. Some positions require earlier start, you know who you are. Lunch is on your own. *The food stand is selling hot dogs, chips and popcorn only. Beverages will be provided.


Thursday July 22: 7-8 a.m. start. Clean up with the help of McNaughton men. Lunch provided

Update from Session on Fleazaar Safety and Approach
May 11, 2021

At the March, 2021 Session meeting, it was decided to open both church for worship and to move forward with hosting the Fleazaar.   Both of these plans were widely communicated via email, website and social media to our church family and friends.   As a result, Session has received some member feedback regarding the safety of holding the 2021 Fleazaar in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To address concerns, the Sessionheld a special meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 to review the Fleazaar decision.   Each session member was allowed to share their thoughts in the 90-minute discussion.    We discussed topics such as finances, volunteer safety, CDC guidance, vaccination rates, other local events and more.   Session even discussed last year’s Loon Days, which was held in August in the height of the pandemic.   It was an outdoor event in which many of us were very concerned about at the time.   One of our Session members even contacted the Iron County health department to raise concerns.  It was held and hundreds of visitors were in attendance.   A Session member tracked Iron County covid cases after the event.  It was found there was no significant increase in Iron County as a result of the event for the weeks after the event.   In fact, in spite of the early increase in cases in Iron County of covid-19 the county has one of the lowest covid rates to date in our state.


After all the discussion, it was decided by Session to continue with the Fleazaar event with the following adjustments.

  1.  Volunteers will be encouraged to wear masks in tight indoor spaces

  2. Review of how food, if any is provided for volunteers and the event.

  3. Review of whether it is safe to hold the indoor portion of the event or find outdoor alternatives.

  4. Add additional limits to types of items donated to reduce handling by volunteers.


This event is dependent on the work of many volunteers from our greater community.   Anyone who has additional health risks should not volunteer or attend the event.  Those people who chose not to be vaccinated accept that risk and must do the things to keep themselves safe, such as masking and social distancing.

The Session leadership is committed to making the Fleazaar both safe and successful.  Holding these events and opening worship are two ways we can help get our community back to normal.


Note:  The CDC shared good news on May 13, 2021 that all people who are vaccinated will no longer need to be masked both indoors and outdoors based on recent research of vaccine effectiveness.

Sneak Peak!  
Check out these great items which will be available at this year's sale!

3" x 5.5' Rug Ikat design


10' x 15" Alpaca Rug with White ground

What Treasures will you find?


Our bakers are busy making cookies

for our volunteers!

Donations needed:  Boulder Junction Food Pantry
When?:  Month of June/July
Collection Box will be located in Narthex

Donations Needed:   "Packing for the lake"


Ziploc bags,

Paper cups,

Paper plates,


Paper towels,

Garbage bags,

Bug spray, & Sunscreen.

Questions to Deacon Bob Rider at: 715- 686- 2620.




Picnic by the Lake
Volunteers needed:  Lawn Mowing of Grounds
When?:  Every two weeks
Sign Up:  Sheet posted in church hallway
Church is Open for In-Person Worship!
First Date:  April 11, 2021 at 9:30am

On March 17, 2021, our church session met and voted unanimously to approve the reopening of our sanctuary for in-person worship services starting on April 11, 2021.  However, we are mindful of recommended Covid safety procedures and we will proceed with caution in the early months.


You will now have two choices for worshiping:


1.  Virtual online services will still be provided until we are fully back to normal. 

2.  In-Person Worship at 9:30am in Sanctuary, masks encouraged. 


Welcome back to worship!  We are on our way back to the friendly services we have always enjoyed!


Thank you for you cooperation and hope to see you soon.

Save the Date-Annual Meeting
Date:  July 11, 2021  After worship

Plan to join us for review of the church ministries of the past year. Agenda and annual report to come

Save the Dates!  Photography for New Church Directory
Dates:   Monday, August 2 , 2021:  2:00pm to 8:00pm
             Tuesday, August 3, 2021:  10:00am to 5:00pm

This year our church is partnering with Universal Church Directories to publish a new church directory.     This directory will include photos of all of our members and other important contact information.  

To make this a success, we will need our members to schedule a time for their photographs.   You will receive a free 8x10 portrait and there is no further obligation to purchase photos.


Each family should plan on spending 45-60 minutes for their photo session.  Families of 5 or more members will need to book 2 consecutive times.  Family pets may be included and individual photos are also possible.  If individuals are not available for a photo session on either of the 2 scheduled days they may submit a photo. 


There are many options available such as wallet sized photos, Christmas cards and different finishes.  A poster with the various options is on the bulletin board in the narthex.

Non members and community individuals may have their pictures taken.

Sign up is now open!

To schedule your portrait call 1.888.742.5823 or book online using the link in the box below, see instructions below box.





Click on "Photography Appointment Scheduling"   

You will see a white "Log in Box" 

Use Church Code:  wi114

Password photos

Select your preferred date and time. 


These sources may only be used during the week.  On weekends, the only way to sign up is at church where there will be a person at a table.


Questions?  Call Nan Bloch at 715.356.9410.


Happy Senior Couple
Save the Date!  Concert with Andrew Haines
Dates:   Thursday, August 5, 2021
Free Admission
Dig Awhile Poster (1).png

About Andrew:

Andrew Haines is a singer-songwriter from the Chicago area who weaves spiritual and scriptural themes with unique, multi-instrumental music.  His honest lyrics and passionate voice beckon the listener to "reach beyond this soil and embrace eternity."  His debut album Dig Awhile  features a wide variety of musical styles unified by the central theme of seeking the treasure hidden in a field and praising the maker of that treasure. 

Haines began writing songs as a child and during his high school years he occasionally would perform originals at church.  He notes, "Over the years the Lord has given me songs and I always dreamed of someday making a record, but I never really had the opportunity to pursue music."  He spent over twelve years working with youth and doing ministry on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and it was during that time and from his experiences there that the songs on Dig Awhile  were born.  Due to his friendship with Mitch McVicker whom he has opened for on several occasions, Haines was given an opportunity to take his music to the next level.  His mission is to bless the church with music that encourages people to seek the Lord and love the scripture. 

Dig Awhile  utilizes a wide variety of instruments including harmonica, dobro, mandolin, penny whistle, fiddle, strings, banjo, hammered dulcimer, and even gypsy guitar.  It features the musical talents of Michael Aukofer (Rich Mullins and the Ragamuffin Band), Mitch McVicker, multi-instrumentalist Carter Green, singer-songwriter Michael Armstrong, and others.  The talented Carter Green of Greenjeans Studios (Chicago Fire, AMC, Jason Orme, McVicker) mixed and mastered the record.  The album features a cover of  Steal At Any Price, a Rich Mullins classic.  Haines writes, "Rich Mullins is my musical hero, and what an incredible honor it has been to make a record with people who played with Rich."  Andrew is currently touring on weekends in support of the new record.  "Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage."  (Psalm 119:54, NKJV)

Worship with us online!
Virtual Worship Song Selections for Sunday, July 18, 2021
"Superman Comes to Samaria"

Song links for the worship service are in the buttons below! 

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General Announcements:
-Church will open for Worship services in the Sanctuary  at 9:30 am see details above.  Online services will continue to be offered.
-Read our May Newsletter!
-Fleazaar donations start on Saturday, May 8 from 9am to noon through July 10, 2021
-Please sign up above to volunteer for to help on Saturday Fleazaar donation days.
-Tuesday, Zoom Bible Study is now on summer break and will resume in September

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